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BELOVED PET Hooded Cat Litter Box Grey

BELOVED PET Hooded Cat Litter Box Grey

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BELOVED PET Hooded Cat Litter Box Grey

Enclosed Cat Litter Box with Scooper

Experience cleanliness and privacy with our Hooded Cat Litter Box! Its enclosed design keeps messes contained while providing your cat with a private space. The added hood ensures odor control and easy maintenance, ideal for a hassle-free litter routine.

Elevate your cat's litter experience with our Enclosed Litter Box! The hooded design offers privacy, reducing scatter and odor. Enjoy a cleaner space and give your cat a private oasis for their business. Upgrade now for a tidy and happy cat!

 Size: 49x36x41cm 


-Offers privacy for cats and keeps litter mess contained within the box, reducing scatter.

-Contain and minimize odors, maintaining a fresher environment.

-Limits litter tracking outside the box due to the enclosed design, keeping the surrounding area cleaner.

- removable lids or swinging doors, allowing for convenient cleaning and litter replacement.

-Leakage grid for less tracking

-Can use for cats up to 5KG

-Suitable for cats and kittens

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