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BELOVED PET Cat Scratcher Board Moon-Shaped

BELOVED PET Cat Scratcher Board Moon-Shaped

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Introducing our versatile Cat Scratcher Cardboard Moon-Shape with 4 Different Modes – the ultimate feline playground that offers endless entertainment possibilities for your cherished cat! This innovative cat accessory is designed to keep your furry friend engaged, mentally stimulated, and physically active, all while providing a stylish addition to your home decor.

4 Modes in One: Our Cat Scratcher Cardboard boasts four different configurations, allowing you to customize your cat's play experience. Transform it into various shapes to keep your cat's interest piqued.

Premium Cardboard Material: Crafted from durable, eco-friendly corrugated cardboard, this scratcher provides the ideal texture for your cat to sharpen their claws and indulge in their natural instincts.

Dynamic Shape Options: With its adaptable design, you can choose from recline sofa, arch bridge, an inclined scratching surface, or a curved lounging area. This versatility caters to your cat's ever-changing preferences.

Protects Furniture: Say goodbye to scratched furniture and hello to a dedicated scratching and play area for your cat. This scratcher not only entertains but also helps safeguard your home's furnishings.

Easy to Assemble and Store: The interlocking design makes assembly a breeze, and when you need to save space, you can easily disassemble and store the pieces. Perfect for homes of all sizes.


-Moon-Shaped design, 4 different modes of fun

-Ideal for rest and nap

-Saving your furniture from being scratching

-Satisfy your cat's natural scratching instincts, durable and brings more fun to your cat


Tips:To help attract your cat even more to this scratcher, simply sprinkle catnip onto the scratcher and your cat will not be able to resist

Size: 50x27x21cm


Corrugated paper

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