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Euro Groom

Furkidz Euro Groom Dog Curved Slicker Soft Medium

Furkidz Euro Groom Dog Curved Slicker Soft Medium

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Furkidz Euro Groom look after your pets naiuls and coat in two steps, give them the special attention they deserve. 

Slicker Brushes with metal filaments are excellent for getting rid of unwanted and dead hair, Slickers have sharp filaments to enable them to "cut" through the coats and therefore should be used with care, especially on young pets and pets with short coats.

When you come across a knot in the coat, hold it between your fingers and gently pull the slicker brush away from the skin. Try our knot buster for tough knots and in extreme cases you may have to cut the knot out with scissors. Always be aware of your cats stress level, if they become too stressed, let them calm down and start again.



-Eases tangles and mats

-Removes dead hair from undercoat &topcoat

-Fluffs up and beautifies the coat

-Stimulates hair follicles to promote hair health and regrowth

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