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FurKidz Mighty Chomp Java Wood Dog Toy 25-30CM

FurKidz Mighty Chomp Java Wood Dog Toy 25-30CM

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Furkidz Mighty Chomp is amde of sustainably grown and harvested java wood or coffee tree. The old, unproductive coffee trees must be thinned out, so we recycle and repurpose non-productive coffee wood as these amazing natural chew toys. Dont worry our Might Chomp's are naturally caffeine free.

Java wood (Coffee wood) is a very close grained wood that is harder than most native wood. We simply grade, dry and sand the wood to give a healthy, safe and satisfying chew. FurKidz Mighty Chomp is satisfying your dog's natural need to chew, helping to prevent boredom and promoting good dental health.


Size:25-30cm Length, 5-7cm thick 

Looking for a smaller one for your dog? Click here for Size 15-20cm x 3-4cm



-Safe to chew, caffeine free

-Stong and naturally durable

-Promote dental health by chewing

-Prevent boredom 

-Suitable for all life stages dogs

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