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LYLLI PILLY Lylli Dog Training Pad 50Pcs 60*60cm

LYLLI PILLY Lylli Dog Training Pad 50Pcs 60*60cm

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Introducing our premium LYLLI PILLY 6-Layer Dog Training Pads. It designed to provide superior absorption and durability for your pet training needs. Each pad features 6 layers of protection, including Japanese superabsorbent polymer and premium USA pulp, providing ultra-strong water absorption capability. Whether you're housebreaking a new puppy or managing the needs of an older dog, our training pads offer the ultimate solution for a clean and hassle-free training experience



-Great odour control

-Proven to absorb 25 times its weight in liquid

-Leak proof, no more wet floor, no tracking

-Tear resistant

-4 corner stickers

-Large Size, each pad 60x60cm

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