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Q-Monster Big Guy Squeaky Rubber Chewing Dog Toy

Q-Monster Big Guy Squeaky Rubber Chewing Dog Toy

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Q-monster dog toy is made of high-quality and safe natural rubber. Each toy is a unique shape design for endless fun and entertainment for dogs of all ages. This rubber dog toy is a squeaky toy, captivating your dog's attention with its cheerful squeak that mimics the sounds of their favourite prey. The interactive design of this dog toy ensures your dog will be entertained for hours, stimulating their mind and promoting a healthy level of physical activity.

Made from durable, high-quality rubber material, this dog toy is built to withstand the most enthusiastic chewers. Its robust construction not only satisfies your dog's natural urge to chew but also helps keep their dental health in check by reducing plaque and tartar buildup.

This rubber dog toy is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. Whether it's a day at the beach or a poolside playdate, the Big Guy is ready for your dog's water adventures. It floats on water, adding a new level of excitement to your pet's water activities.

This rubber dog toy is more than just a puppy chew toy; it's a must-have accessory in any dog's life, promoting physical exercise, mental stimulation, and joyful moments that will leave tails wagging with pure happiness.


- Double filling of thick wall latex, dogs feel more comfortable when playing and chewing

-Squeaker inside, clear and crisp sound

-Cleaning teeth when chewing

-Floating when playing in the water

-Suitable for all life stages dogs

 Size: 7.8x7x9.7cm


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