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Trouble and Trix

Trouble and Trix AntiBac Crystal Cat Litter 15L x2 bags

Trouble and Trix AntiBac Crystal Cat Litter 15L x2 bags

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Trouble & Trix Antibacterial Crystal Litter

Share a home, not the odour

The Trouble & Trix Odour Neutralising Anti-Bacterial Crystal Litter triple action formula is a silica sand litter with a natural anti-bacterial agent which inhibits bacterial growth and helps to reduce odour. This antibacterial agent kills 98.7% of bacteria on contact, and continues to inhibit growth thereafter. The moisture lock technology has one of the highest absorbency of any litter and rapidly traps liquid so it can’t escape. The crystals change to a solid colour, making it easy to tell when it’s time to change the litter.

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15L bag lasts 14 weeks*


-Kills 95% of bacteria* on contact 

-Rapidly traps liquid and odour

-The highest absorbency, for long lasting odour control

-Crystals change to a solid yellow colour upon contact with urine, indicating the litter that needs changing

-Lasts one month longer than standard paper litter


1. Fill a clean, empty litter tray to a depth of 4cm (use liner if desired: See Trouble & Trix litter liners). Position tray in a convenient place for the cat. 

2. Maintain litter freshness by regularly removing soiled waste with a scoop. Dispose of used litter in garbage. 

3. Wash tray regularly. Always wash hands after use.

Indoor litter trays: Litter odour is offensive to most people, even if you can get used to the strong smell, your visitors wont. We recommend Crystal or Scoopable litters for indoor trays as both have great odour control properties.

For enclosed cat toilets: An enclosed cat toilet is simply a litter tray with walls and a roof. The roof may contain a carbon cartridge which filters odours as air passes through it. For the ultimate in odour control, combine your choice of litters with an enclosed cat toilet.

Changing to a new cat litter: Cats are creatures of habit. If your cat has been using the same litter for a long time it could get confused by a new litter and may not understand it is supposed to use this litter for you know what. This happens rarely but if it does it’s easy to fix. Over a 4–7 day period, mix your old litter with the new, starting at a ratio of 75% old to 25% new and increasing the new litter as you take away the old soiled litter.

*Guide based on an average size, healthy cat, fed on premium dry food. Longevity of the product may vary based on your cat’s diet. Some cats may prefer one litter type or litter tray. If your cat will not use a particular litter, try one of our other litters or ask your vet’s advice. A standard 30 x 40cm litter tray filled to 4cm deep is recommended. Longevity may be affected if filled above this level.

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