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BLACKDOG Dog Treat Carob Buttons 250G

BLACKDOG Dog Treat Carob Buttons 250G

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Blackdog Carob Buttons is a safe alternative to chocolate treats for dogs. Carob buttons are specifically formulated to be safe and enjoyable for dogs to enjoy a different chocolate. It has a naturally sweet and mild flavour that many dogs will like it. Carob is rich in dietary fiber which promote healthy digestion. Carob buttons contains essential nurtients such as vitamins and minerals to make it a healthy treat for your dogs. It is a great reward training treats by its small size and great taste. 


-Support healthy digeston by richy dietary fiber

-Contains essential nutrients

-Great reward training treats

-Suitable for adult dogs over 12 months old



Carob powder, whey powder, vegetable fat, sugar, soy lecithin, salt, vitamins, flavour.

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