How we local delivery frozen and fresh pet food

When it comes to the safety of our furry friends, we treat their food with the same level of importance as our own. Having worked in the food industry, we understand the significance of adhering to the four-hour rule for perishable items. In this article, we will explain how we ensure  the secure transportation of frozen and fresh food for dogs and cats. 

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What is four-hour rule in the food industry?

If food is not to be eaten immediately after cooking, it can be allowed to cool to ambient temperature within two hours before it is put into the fridge. If you are not going to be around, it should be placed straight in the refrigerator to cool to below 5°C.

Adhering to the Four-Hour Rule

Just as we prioritize our own food safety, we take great care in maintaining the safety of pet food. In line with the four-hour rule observed in the food service industry, we ensure that the delivery process for pet food is timely and efficient. This means that from the moment the food is prepared, it is treated as perishable and requires proper handling and storage to maintain its freshness and nutritional value.

Packing in Cooler Bags and Ice Packs

We completely understand that it is not feasible for everyone to be available at home all the time to receive their orders.

To maintain the optimal temperature of the food during transportation, all our products are packaged in cooler bags. These bags help to retain the cold temperature and prevent heat from entering, ensuring that the food stays fresh and safe for consumption. Additionally, we include ice packs in the packaging to further enhance the cooling effect and extend the shelf life of the food. Cooler bags with ice packs can typically maintain a low-temperature state for about 6-8 hours. The specific duration may vary depending on seasonal fluctuations, such as colder temperatures in winter and hotter temperatures in summer. However, based on our testing, we have consistently observed that the food inside the insulated bags remains frozen even after a duration of 4 hours.

According to feedback from one of our customers, they forgot to collect their delivery and left in the mail room. They collected the delivery on the next day noon. After inspected the package, they discovered that the cooler bag was maintain in a low temperature, the outer of pet food had parially melted, and the inside remained frozen. 

Portable Refrigerator for Extended Deliveries

In cases where the delivery distance exceeds four hours, we go the extra mile to ensure the safety of the food by utilizing our mobile refrigeration refrigerator. By storing the food in these mobile refrigerators, we can guarantee that the products remain at the optimal temperature, preserving their quality and preventing any potential spoilage.

At our company, the well-being and safety of your pets are of paramount importance to us. Just as we value our own food safety, we ensure that the transportation of frozen and fresh pet food follows strict guidelines. By adhering to the four-hour rule, packaging the food in insulated bags with ice packs, and utilizing mobile refrigeration for longer distances, we guarantee the delivery of high-quality and safe food for your beloved dogs and cats.