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BLACKDOG Dog Treats Chicken Skewers 10pack

BLACKDOG Dog Treats Chicken Skewers 10pack

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Blackdog Chicken Skewers are a rawhide dog treat with a thick piece of our tasty chicken breast wrapped around the outside. Rawhide stick provide dogs with a chewing activity that can help promote dental health. It helps remove plaque and tartar buildup from their teeth. hewing on the chicken skewers can provide mental stimulation, alleviate boredom, and prevent destructive chewing behavior in some dogs. This chikcen skewers is a great rawhide treat for your dogs.


-Delicious chicken flavour 

-Pomote a healthy teeth and gum

-Ideal as a chewable treat for all dogs


Chicken breast meat, glycerine (vegetable), raw hide, soy protein, salt, sorbitol, composite phosphates (450, 451, 452), vitamins C & E.

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