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PRIME100 SPD™ Prime Cut Duck Treats 100g

PRIME100 SPD™ Prime Cut Duck Treats 100g

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PRIME100 SPD Prime cut treats are a single, high protein and low carbohydrate, delicious and healthy treat or reward. Prime cut for taste, with no gluten, grain or GMO, these treats are vet recommended and made for the health and happiness of dogs of all ages.

What is a Single Protein Diet?
A Single Protein Diet (SPDTM) is a diet that is made from a single source of protein such as chicken, lamb, kangaroo, duck or turkey. It is a nutrient-dense diet that helps dogs with food sensitivites or allergies by simplifying their meals and removing allergens.

Why Single Protein Diets?

Vets recommend Single Protein Diets as it simplifies the diets of pets and removes allergens, assisting with food-related illnesses and food sensitivities. SPD’s™ mimick the diet of animals in the wild, an approach which improves taste, nutrition and provides optimal health.

Ingredients With Purpose™

SPD™ Prime Cut Treats are scientifically formulated and made with the same care and attention as our entire range of Single Protein Diets, using handpicked proteins and minimal ingredients, we strive to capture and preserve the very best nutrition, function, and taste for you and your pet. Honey provides antioxidants, essential nutrients, antibacterial properties, and the added bonus of being super tasty for your dog. Backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, our treats are both functional and delicious, every time.

Prime100 SPD™ Treats are completely Australian. 100% made and owned. Ingredients are sourced from Australian farms, primary producers and manufacturers. You Beauty!


Duck, honey, apple fibre, white sweet potato, salt, flaxseed oil, buffered vinegar, natural antioxidant


Guaranteed Analysis:

Analysis: Crude protein 33% (min), Crude fat 38% (min), Crude fibre 1.5% (max), Moisture 17% (max), Typical ME: 478kcal/100g.



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