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Big Dog Barf Kangaroo Raw Cat Food 1.38KG

Big Dog Barf Kangaroo Raw Cat Food 1.38KG

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Big Dog for Cats diets are species appropriate, raw food diets specifically designed to suit the health needs of cats. Cats are obligate carnivores and require a high meat diet for optimal health. Our diets for cats are made up of 92% meat, bone and offal providing high-quality protein in it's raw form, high in taurine, an amino acid cats need from their diet to maintain health and wellbeing. Our cat food recipes are mixed protein using a blend of red and white meats for maximum nutritional variety in convenient individual serve sizes.

Big Dog Kangaroo Raw Dog Food is complete and balanced raw diet. This kangaroo flavour diet is made from kangaroo, chicken, and beef. This delicious raw kangaroo diet provides high-quality protein, a natural source of concentrated vitamins, minerals calcium, marrow and collagen. Added fresh fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables for vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Big Dog kangaroo patty is biologically appropriate healthy diet for your cats and it is enhanced by the addition of extra ingredients such as cold-pressed ground flaxseed, whole eggs, kelp, and sprouted wheatgrass.

Each 1.38KG pack includes 12x115G patties

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-Kangaroo meat as primary protein

-Natural Source of vitamins and minerals from fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables

-Muscle meat provides high-quality protein

-Natural source of calcium, collagen 

-Suitable for all life stages cats

big dog barf kangaroo raw cat food 1.38kg


Kangaroo (meat, crushed bone, heart, liver, lung, trachea), chicken (meat, crushed bone), beef meat, seasonal fruit and vegetables (carrots, green beans, celery), whole chicken egg, sprouted wheatgrass, cold pressed ground flaxseed, goats whey, psyllium, kelp, organic fulvic acid.


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