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CATIT Pixi Water Fountain for Cat Light Pink 2.5L

CATIT Pixi Water Fountain for Cat Light Pink 2.5L

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The Catit PIXI Fountain provides your cat with a continuous source of fresh, purified water. Running water encourages cats to drink more, which helps prevent urinary tract diseases.

Innovative and stylish, Catit drinking fountains offer triple action filtration and multiple drinking options to encourage your cat to drink more. Designed to look good with great tech under the hood, our range includes the popular Catit Flower Fountain series as well as the highly adorable Catit PIXI Fountains. We also offer various accessories to further improve your drinking fountain experience.



-Ergonomic drinking options to help cats drink comfortably

-Fountain filter softens water and removes debris

-Features LED status alerts and auto-shutdown

-Quiet pump

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