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CATIT Pixi Smart Cat Feeder Wifi

CATIT Pixi Smart Cat Feeder Wifi

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Catit feeders and dishes are uniquely designed for cats, measuring the right size and height to provide maximum comfort to your feline’s sensitive whiskers, while being highly practical in use. We offer classic, sleek stainless steel feeding dishes as well as hi-tech solutions such as the app-controlled Catit PIXI Smart food dispensers, which instantly relieve busy cat parents from their daily feeding routine.


Remote-controlled cat food dispenser

  • Program your cat’s feedings according to their schedule
  • Helps prevent binge eating with portion control and instant feed options
  • Reduces stress on whiskers with large, high-grade stainless steel top
  • Can be controlled via Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) with free mobile PIXI app
  • Helps keep your food fresh for longer with desiccant pad
  • ±58 hrs back-up battery
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