Wellness CORE Signature Fish Variety Pack Wet Cat Food 8 Cans

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Wellness® CORE® is built upon the nutritional philosophy that cats, based on their primal ancestry, thrive on a natural diet built upon hearty animal proteins bolstered by healthy natural dietary inclusions. Our CORE grain-free, protein-rich recipes fuel the carnivore spirit in your cat, while naturally supporting their health, happiness and longevity. Signature Selects® contain fine shreds of real animal proteins in a delicious broth and are a tasty and convenient way to naturally deliver the protein, taste and texture your cat craves.

The Poultry Selection Variety Pack contains three flavours of Signature Selects: Shredded Boneless Chicken & Chicken Liver Entrée in Sauce, Shredded Boneless Chicken & Turkey Entrée in Sauce and Shredded Boneless Chicken & Beef Entrée in Sauce. All the recipes in our Poultry Selection Variety Pack start with the CORE “fresh meat first” promise and include a combination of premium quality animal proteins including chicken, turkey and beef to help maintain lean muscles. They are all prepared by hand and packed with taste, with delicate shreds of real meat accompanied by nutrient-rich eggs and sunflower oil to provide ample essential fatty acids to support skin and coat health. These delectable recipes are high in flavour, but low in fat, at just 2%, to help maintain a healthy weight, without sacrificing mealtime enjoyment for your cat. The recipes are complete and balanced for adult cats, to ensure they have all the nutrients they need to thrive from their CORE.

A moisture content of over 80% helps maintain hydration and supports urinary health. These delicious shreds in sauce contain no meat by-products, wheat, corn, soy or other fillers, and no carrageenan or artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and help promote whole-body health and overall wellbeing for your cat.


  • Grain-free and protein-rich diets which are complete & balanced for adult cats
  • Three real poultry-based flavours for a crave-worthy taste, perfect for chicken-loving kitties
  • 8% protein to support lean muscle mass, with just 2% fat, designed for feeding as a standalone meal, or as a mixer or topper on kibble
  • Sunflower oil provides omega fatty acids to support healthy skin & a shiny coat
  • A high moisture content promotes hydration and urinary health
  • No meat by-products, wheat, corn, soy or other fillers and no carrageenan, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • 100% Catisfaction Guaranteed – love it or return it
  • Available in a pack of 8 x single serve 79g cans


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