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ORGANIC PAWS Beef Sliders Dog Treats 100G

ORGANIC PAWS Beef Sliders Dog Treats 100G

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ORGANIC PAWS Sliders Beef Dog Treats

Meet Sliders Beef – a top-tier dehydrated treat for your dog or cat. Featuring Certified Organic lean prime meat strips and organs, it's devoid of preservatives, colors, or chemicals. Ethically sourced from sustainable farms—no harmful chemicals, antibiotics, GMOs, or fillers. Pamper your pet with this nourishing organic delight!


-100% Australian Certified Organic

-Completely free from harmful chemicals, preservatives, antibiotics, pesticides, GMO’s, hormones and toxic fillers of any kind. 

-Soft and chewy consistency makes them easy to eat, reducing the risk of dental issues while encouraging proper chewing habits.

-A rich source of essential vitamins (A, C, D, B), iron, zinc, and copper, promoting overall health.

 -Suitable for all life stage dogs & cats 


100% Australian Beef

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