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Pixi Cat Water Fountain Stanless Steel

Pixi Cat Water Fountain Stanless Steel

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Catit PIXI Drinking Fountains to match everyone’s taste

Instantly beautify your interior with a Catit PIXI Fountain! They come in adorable pastel colors as well as a dashingly white version, the latter being available with either a standard plastic top, or a stainless steel top cover.

Premium stainless steel top

Equipped with all Catit PIXI Drinking Fountain features, this model also offers a durable, high-grade stainless steel drinking surface.

Cat-friendly drinking surface

Cats don’t like it when their sensitive whiskers repeatedly brush against their food or water dish. The Catit PIXI drinking fountain’s stainless steel top was given a wide and shallow design, making it ideal for cats with whisker fatigue.


The stainless steel top can be conveniently cleaned in the dishwasher for optimal hygiene

Silent pump

The Catit PIXI Fountain hardly makes a sound. This is because the fountain pump is cleverly suspended in the water, unable to vibrate against the reservoir.

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