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Proudi Beef Dog Food Raw 2.4KG

Proudi Beef Dog Food Raw 2.4KG

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Proudi Beef Dog Patties Raw 2.4KG

Proudi Beef recipe offers 100% human-grade ingredients: 95% beef meat, offal, moisture, powdered bone, and 5% essential vitamins and minerals. Free from artificial additives, grains, and preservatives, it suits dogs with dietary intolerances, providing a wholesome, single-protein raw diet.

Proudi Raw Beef Patties for Dogs exceeds all nutrient levels required by AAFCO and FEDIAF for adult dogs and puppies.

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-Biologically appropriate diet

-Rich in protein, fatty acids and zinc, and is ideal for maintaining healthy skin and coat condition.

-Complete and balanced diet, low carbohydrate moderate fat and high protein

-Contains lysine, an essential amino acid for muscle tissue growth and repair.

-Optimum balance of omega 3 and 6, and calcium and phosphorus is ideal for ensuring strong bones and joints.

-The elimination of processed foods, grain and other fillers can ease ease symptoms for dogs with food sensitivities.

-100% Australian ingredients from trusted local suppliers

-Suitable for all life stages dogs 

Available in 2.4kg boxes (12 x 200g patties)



100% Australian beef (includes beef lung, beef heart, beef liver and boneless beef), collagen, pumpkin seeds, ground vacuum dried bones, flaxseed, dried kelp, calcium carbonate, zinc sulfate, manganese chelate, mixed tocopherols, Vitamin D. 


Feeding Guide

Dog Weight Grams Per Day Patties Per Day
5kg 166g 1
10kg 279g 1 1/2
15kg 378g 2
20kg 469g 2 1/2
30kg 636g 3 1/2
40kg 789g 4


Feeding guides are to be used as guides only.

Feeding amounts will vary depending on age, breed and activity level. Monitor your dog and adjust feeding if necessary, ensuring they are maintaining a healthy weight.

Ensure your dog has access to clean, fresh water at all times.

Proudi KANGAROOO & BEEF, RED COMBO, CHICKEN, and BEEF patties are certified complete and balanced for Puppies. Click here for your puppy feeding guide.


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