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Sashas Blend

Sashas Blend Joint Care for Dogs 250G

Sashas Blend Joint Care for Dogs 250G

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Sashas Blend Poder is formulated to supoort joint health for your dogs. It is a 100% natural nutritional supplement that contains a blend of ingredients to promote your dog's joint function and mobility. Green Liped Mussel Powder is a natural source of anti-inflammatory properties. It helps reduce joint pain and stiffness in dogs with arthritis. Abalone powder provide omega fatty acids, minerals, and calcium. Shark Cartilage is a natural sources of Chondroitin sulfate which helps support joint health.


- Protects joint cartilage from degradation

- Increases joint mobility

- All natural support for joint health

- Powder form to be mixed with food or drink

- No additives or fillers.

- Safe for long term use for all breed dogs 


Stabilised Green Lipped Mussel Powder (Perna canaliculus) 600g/kg, Abalone Powder (Haliotis iris) 200g/kg, Shark Cartilage 200g/kg

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