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Trouble and Trix

Trouble and Trix AntiBac Crystal Cat Litter Lavender

Trouble and Trix AntiBac Crystal Cat Litter Lavender

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Trouble & Trix Antibacterial Crystal Cat Litter Lavender

Trouble & Trix Odour Neutralising Anti-Bacterial Crystal Cat Litter is made from natural silica sand with added natural antibacterial agent. It kills 95% of bacteria on contact and effectivley prevents further baterial growth. It is easy to scoop, rapidly traps liquid and odour. Its triple-action odour neturalising formula reduce unpleasant odours, ensuring your home always smells fresh and clean. 


-Kills 95% of bacteria* on contact 

-Rapidly traps liquid and odour

-The highest absorbency, for long lasting odour control

-Crystals change to a solid yellow colour upon contact with urine, indicating the litter that needs changing

-Lasts one month longer than standard paper litter



1. Fill a clean, empty litter tray to a depth of 4cm (use liner if desired: See Trouble & Trix litter liners). Position tray in a convenient place for the cat. 

2. Maintain litter freshness by regularly removing soiled waste with a scoop. Dispose of used litter in garbage. 

3. Wash tray regularly. Always wash hands after use.


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