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Trouble and Trix

Trouble and Trix Natural Cherry Blossom Cat Litter 10L

Trouble and Trix Natural Cherry Blossom Cat Litter 10L

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Trouble & Trix Natural Pellets Cat Litter - Cherry Blossom

Trouble and Trix Natural Pellets Cat Litter is a premium, eco-friendly cat litter. This cat litter comes with a soft cherry blossom scent. It is made from plant extracts like soya bean and guar gum. Trouble & Trix Natural Tofu Cherry Blossom Cat Litter is 100% natural, biodegradable, safe for kittens, and non-toxic. This litter added baking soda for excellect odour control. 

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-Natural ingredient made from soya bean

-Flushable in small volumes and garden-friendly

-Pleasnt soft cherry blossom fragrance

-Baking soda toneutralize ruine smell effectively

-Easy to clean, reducing wastage

-Soft on paws and low tracking

-Safe for kittens, non-toxic

Each 10L bag lasts 5 weeks*


    -Fill a clean, empty litter tray to a depth of 4cm

    -Maintain litter freshness by regularly cleaning

    -Wash tray regularly. Always wash hands after use.


      *Guide based on an average size, healthy cat, fed on premium dry food. Longevity of the product may vary based on your cat’s diet. Some cats may prefer one litter type or litter tray. If your cat will not use a particular litter, try one of our other litters or ask your vet’s advice. A standard 30 x 40cm litter tray filled to 4cm deep is recommended. Longevity may be affected if filled above this level.

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