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YUMGUARD Puree Star Chicken with Papaya Puree 14g x 6

YUMGUARD Puree Star Chicken with Papaya Puree 14g x 6

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Indulge your cat with YumGuard's Puree Star Chicken with Papaya - a delicious and nutritious snack rich in essential vitamins and minerals, including the renowned Chlorella growth factor for healthy tissue growth and repair. With its smooth texture and rich flavour, your feline friend will enjoy every bite.


Chicken breast, potato, papaya, glycine, tapioca starch, chlorella powder, sunflower seed oil, chicken stock, fruit oligosaccharide, taurine, vitamin E.


Moisture (max): 83.0%
Crude protein (min): 10.0%
Crude fat (min): 0.6%
Crude Fiber (max): 1.0%
Ash (max): 1.0%


Feeding Guide

Necessary feeding amounts will vary depending on breed, life stage, activity level, environment etc. Use our guide as an initial reference and adjust to achieve your dog’s ideal weight or condition. Feed puppies and pregnant and lactating mothers up to twice the normal daily amount. Ensure your dog has access to clean, fresh water at all times.

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